chicken rice-rice and veg

Hello!¬†quick meal type post today coz university was spectacularly demanding today and my brain doesn't do 3-hourith 3 hour chem practicals. nonetheless, quick update: I GOT A NEW FRIDGE WUUUHUU. It's super nice and¬†works properly (unlike the last one) whIch means I can actually get fresh veg and food that needs to be refrigerated. I've … Continue reading chicken rice-rice and veg


instant noodle tomfoolery

Hello, apologies for the title word choice, I've always wanted to use tomfoolery :3 SO I was craving spicy food tonight, as one does, and my kitchen isn't particularly well stocked at the moment but I have Sriracha, some basic herbs and a tub of peanut butter (smooth, not chunky, coz I'm not a heathen) … Continue reading instant noodle tomfoolery