chicken rice-rice and veg

Hello! quick meal type post today coz university was spectacularly demanding today and my brain doesn’t do 3-hourith 3 hour chem practicals.
nonetheless, quick update: I GOT A NEW FRIDGE WUUUHUU. It’s super nice and works properly (unlike the last one) whIch means I can actually get fresh veg and food that needs to be refrigerated.

I’ve been craving bubble tea and chicken rice ever since I left Singapore after the summer break and while I can justify spending almost double the cost here on bubble tea occasionally, I cannot spend money on chicken rice that undoubtedly will make me sad because it won’t be like the chicken rice that the uncle at Far East Plaza makes for 4$
My solution to this has been getting my mum to buy me the Hainanese chicken rice seasoning packs and using that to make my rice less boring. In the future, I plan to attempt making the paste from scratch but that might involve finding pandan, and I don’t know where in Melbourne I’d procure that. Also thanks to my fridge situation, my shredded carrots and broccoli were starting to get a bit sad looking, so I tossed em in my non-stick pan with some seasoning and boom. Edible dinner in the time it took my youtube video to load coz I went over my data cap for the month and now my interweb is slowed to the point of me stealing uni wifi coz it’s faster than my own.

veg1.jpgThe things you will need:
– rice (I used jasmine rice coz it can be a bit sticky and I like that)
– Hainanese chicken rice seasoning
– an assortment of veg (capsicum, carrots, broccoli, whatever you have lying around)
– garlic, ginger and chilli (bought a jar of each and they sit in my fridge ready for me)
– parsley, chives, sesame seeds
– sriracha, soy sauce, sesame oil
– salt n peppa
what to do:
– cook up some rice, add the seasoning oil into the rice and then add the water
(1 rice:1.5 water) If you have a Hello Kitty rice cooker like I do, your rice will be done in about 10/12 minutes
– while the rice cooks, heat some oil in a pan and add your garlic, ginger and chilli
– move around with a spatula with some nice music in your background while your house starts to smell lovely
– add the carrots into the pan first coz those will take the longest to get tender, then add the capsicum and lastly add the broccoli (I steamed mine prior to this which is why I added it in last since they’re already cooked)
– pour on some sriracha, sesame oil and soy sauce and give it a good stir
– crack some fresh black pepper and salt to taste
– sprinkle some parsley and chives onto the rice and veg
– serve in a distracting bowl


I ended up squeezing some lemon juice over the veg to brighten it up a bit coz I have 5 lemons and don’t know what to do with them so this is how I’m starting to use them :<
the lemon really helped the veg out coz I realised adding more salt wasn’t doing anything so maybe it needed some acid, and it fixed it pretty effectively.

hopefully, this is motivation to not eat fast food coz it’s pretty easy to put together and you can stay home in pjs while making it, and no one will judge you for listening to Rick Astley 🙂 ❤

Much love,
Ditti x



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