instant noodle tomfoolery

Hello, apologies for the title word choice, I’ve always wanted to use tomfoolery :3
SO I was craving spicy food tonight, as one does, and my kitchen isn’t particularly well stocked at the moment but I have Sriracha, some basic herbs and a tub of peanut butter (smooth, not chunky, coz I’m not a heathen) and I recently acquired a giant box of instant noodles…welp I’m making instant noodles for dinner and it’s only week 3 of uni! I’m in the middle of catching up on biochem lectures so I figured 10-15 minutes is a good amount of time to spend on this, and my lack of time to spare (in the “I’m too lazy to make something elaborate” sense) was the only real inspiration for this fuud.

the things you will need:
– some kind of noodle (anything works, angel hair pasta, mi Goreng, those single serve ready to eat ones will be fine too)
– Peanut Butter (again, whatever style you prefer or have on hand)
– Sriracha (any Asian style hot sauce of your liking, I like Sriracha coz then I don’t have to add my own garlic and such into the sauce)
– Soy sauce (the salty kind)
– An egg (of course you can add any other protein or omit it altogether)
– random condiments/herb thingies: fried onion, chives, parsley
– some veggies (grated carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, etc.)

*start your timers*
– cook the noodles according to packet instructions (mine took 3 min coz they were the instant packet ones) drain, and set aside.

– get yo kettle on so you have boiled water ready to go in a little bit

– in the now noodle free pot, plop in a tablespoon-ish of peanut butter, some sriracha (to taste) and heat it up till the peanut butter melts. This doesn’t take too long (mine started burning coz I underestimated my stove) so keep an eye on it.

– once the peanut butter and hot sauce are well combined, add a splash of soy sauce, a little bit of warm water to loosen the sauce up if it’s too thick. Add the noodles in and combine with the sawse, place it in your bowl of choice.

– in a clean pot,  place your egg (gently, with love) and pour boiling water until it just covers the egg. Boil to whatever level of done-ness you like your eggs to be, I boiled mine for just under 6 min coz I like a soft yolk.
PRO-TIP: use room-temp eggs to boil otherwise if you pour boiling water onto a chilled egg, it’s gonna crack open and be a mess.

– remove the egg, place in some cold water so you can handle it easier and de-shell it.
place your veg in a colander/strainer and pour the hot water you used for the egg over the veg to soften/slightly cook them.

– plate everything in a visually appealing way for maximum instagramability. Add some chives, some fried onion, parsley (i use the dehydrated kind coz my fridge is too moody for fresh parsley and chives to be in there). Bonus points if you get chopsticks in the shot.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-15 at 8.40.52 PM

aaaaaand that’s one way to jazz up instant noodles to be a bit more flavourful and less MSG heavy since we chucked away the seasoning pack it came with (totally not by accident). This is a super-easy-mode thing to do and it takes very little time meaning I actually ate something tonight as opposed to the ice-cream sandwich I so desperately wanted (and possibly still ate anyway).

see you on Saturday 🙂 ❤


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