Introduction time

Hello there 🙂

Starting in march 2017 this is going to be a space where I share weekly food adventures, baking creations, hair experiments and tattoo collection progress. There might even be the occasional “oh she made an effort and beat her mug” post thrown in there.

The posting style will be quite informal and if you know me IRL (or don’t) the words will read very much in the style I speak. Maybe it’ll get more adult-ish as I grow up but I hope it will stay quite fun and informal regardless. I hope that I’ll be able to get on an actual posting schedule but as of now, it’ll be a “post as I make content” situation. Once I actually have my new place properly set-up, a posting schedule seems more doable.

I hope my content will be of your liking and once it’s up and running I would love feedback and comments 🙂
thanks for reading,

Ditti xoxo


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