chicken rice-rice and veg

Hello! quick meal type post today coz university was spectacularly demanding today and my brain doesn't do 3-hourith 3 hour chem practicals. nonetheless, quick update: I GOT A NEW FRIDGE WUUUHUU. It's super nice and works properly (unlike the last one) whIch means I can actually get fresh veg and food that needs to be refrigerated. I've … Continue reading chicken rice-rice and veg


Layered Chocolate Kek

hello again 🙂 this is probably the most time intensive cake I've made to date...partly coz I'm really good at procrastinating, and partly coz I've never made Italian meringue buttercream before. Regardless, the cake is wonderful and moist and "healthy" from the addition of wholemeal flour, and it's great coz it's a chocolate cake. The … Continue reading Layered Chocolate Kek